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Tom Young, PF Human Interaction, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Harnessing the power of data and technology in combination with the strategic thinking and actions of people Acumen Dynamics creates customized pro-active programs to help enterprises build actionable solutions to both maintain and strength the buying links between customers, people and the products and services they provide.

What is Relationship Intelligence?

Quality customer relationship intelligence is an important area that all businesses need to develop and utilize. Consequently most companies face a series of challenges as they pursue such opportunities. By integrating data knowledge, technology configurations, customer relationship strategies and managerial leadership skills organizations can build practical and efficient revenue driven programs measured in dollars.

Through the integration of the above mentioned functions customized customer relationship intelligence including customized attributal profiles developed along special location and time processes are extremely important.

One central challenge confronting businesses today is how to improve the company’s ability to use data, technology and strategic planning to extend existing customer relationships, retain profitable existing relationships, as well as identify and qualify prospects and emergent market segments. By gaining a better understanding of how to create, maintain and extend a profitable customer-centric product and service mix companies can develop strategic sales and marketing initiatives measurable in revenue and dollars.



Developing and Using Multidimensional Relationship Intelligence
Through the development of multidimensional customer relationship intelligence in time and space organizations can create a form of “20/20 Vision” which assists management with the development of programs to measure the quality of its client base and to increase its share of each appropriate customer’s wallet. The ability of strategically cross-selling and up-selling based on qualified propensity and revenue potential represents an enormous opportunity for all businesses today.
Achieving 4 Primary Objectives with Relationship Intelligence
  1. Build on the existing data and technology platforms to further demonstrate the usefulness of data mining, customer relationship management techniques and strategic planning initiatives.
  2. Develop methods of better understanding and profiling the key attributes of existing customers while building profiles to further assist with the development of customer selection strategies.
  3. Develop methods of better understanding the major profit drivers including identifying trends and learning that can be used to create product/service profit clusters to enhance cross-selling, up-selling, and the sales and marketing mix.
  4. Harness the power of data and technology in combination with strategic thinking and the customer relationship process to create customized pro-active programs to help the business strengthen the buying links and increase revenues.



Applied Outcomes & Applications of Relationship Intelligence
  1. Develop customized attributal profiles of customers measured in dollars.
  2. Identification and analysis of “profit clusters” of products and services, which serve as revenue drivers, measured in dollars along spatial and time dimensions
  3. Identify and create “affinity groups” of customers based on the following criteria; a) attributal customer profiles, b) geographic location and time processes, c) revenue/profits measured in dollars
  4. Identification of patterns, trends and propensity analysis relating to increasing “share of wallet” through customer relationship extensions, retention and selection of new target markets measures in dollars.
  5. Use the 5-year database to create a baseline and predictive factor model to assist with strategic planning and marketing initiatives.