Planned business growth, specifically growth intentions and expansion plans has been found to be an important indicator of a firm's ability to adapt and prosper in an environment of change and uncertainty.

By participating in the Acumen Growth Index you can identify your firms growth orientation and benchmark it against over 1400 firms from the US, Romania, Germany, China, and Venezuela.

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Strategic Behavioral Characteristics of the Acumen Growth Index ©

Strategic Behavioral Characteristics

Answer these short questions and compare your growth orientation with entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the globe.

" What is the likelihood of your firm engaging in the following activities within the next two years?

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It takes just a minute or two to participate and your response is secure and confidential.

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Adding a new product or service.

Selling to a new market.

Adding operating space.

Expanding distribution channels.

Expanding advertising and promotion.

Acquiring new equipment.

Computerizing current operations.

Upgrading computer systems.

Replace present equipment.

Expanding current facilities.

Adding specilized employees.

Redesign layout.

Offsite training of employees.

Redesigning operating methods.

Seeking additional financing.

Seeking professional advice.

Researching new markets.

Expanding scope of operating activities.

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